All bookings at Pybus Scout Campsite are subject to a per person per night cost plus any applicable charge for the buildings used.

Prices have now been held at the same rate for a number of years and are displayed below, alternatively a PDF version can be downloaded here.

Camping/cost per person per night (this cost represents, camp fees and the use of toilet facilities and our pan wash room)

£4.50 per night (DofE and other permitted users)
£3 per night (Other Scouts and Girl Guilding UK)
£2.50 per night (Stockton, Thornaby & District Scouts)

A minimum cost per group of £40 per night is applicable (£30 per night for Stockton, Thornaby & District Scouts).

Please note that the term “per night” means a 24 hour period or any part thereof calculated from when your Group/Party arrives on site.

Warren Cottage

All users – £80 per night (plus camping rate per person per night)
Stockton, Thornaby & District Scouts – £70 per night (plus camping rate per person per night)

For clarity – the total cost of hiring Warren Cottage is the accommodation charge per night of your stay PLUS the per person per night charge for the total number of persons in your Group/Party

Day Visitors

£1 per person


For indoor accommodation – Total cost of accommodation per nigh
For camping only – £40 per night (£30 per night for Stockton, Thornaby & District Scouts)

Worked example

1st Anytown Scouts using Warren Cottage for 2 nights with 20 occupants.
Warren Cottage 2x nights = 2 x £80 = £160
20 people x 2 nights = 20 x £3 x 2 = £120
Total cost = accommodation cost + camping rate = £160 + £120 = £280
Deposit amount = cost of accommodation = £160

Late Payment/Cancellations

We operate a late payment/cancellation policy, it is important that when you make your booking you take some time to read this and are fully aware of its implications. You can find details of this policy within our terms and conditions of booking, which can be downloaded from this website.