Within our district we have 10 groups, 2 Explorers units and a Network unit. Each Section/Unit provides Scouting adventures from Beavers through to Cubs, Scouts, Explorers and Network by offering a balanced programme which includes a variety of games, activities, events and camps.

Scouting is available to both boys and girls.

Beavers is for young people aged 5¾ – 8 years old
Cubs is for young people aged 8 – 10½ years old
Scouts is for young people aged 10½ – 14 years old
Explorers is for young people aged 14 – 18 years old
Network is for young people aged 18 – 25 years old

Below is a list of when each section meets:
1st Eaglescliffe Beavers: Monday
1st Eaglescliffe Cubs: Tuesday
1st Eaglescliffe Scouts: Tuesday

1st Egglescliffe Beavers: Wednesday
1st Egglescliffe Cubs: Thursday
1st Egglescliffe Scouts: Monday

1st Fairfield Beavers: Thursday
1st Fairfield Cubs: Wednesday
1st Fairfield Scouts: Tuesday

1st Hartburn Beavers: Wednesday
1st Hartburn Cubs: Thursday
1st Hartburn Scouts: Tuesday

2nd Hartubrn Beavers: Monday
2nd Hartubrn Cubs: Tuesday
2nd Hartubrn Scouts: Monday

1st Ingleby Barwick Beavers: Monday
1st Ingleby Barwick Cubs: Monday
1st Ingleby Barwick Scouts: Monday

1st Kirklevington Beavers: Thursday
1st Kirklevington Cubs: Thursday

1st Norton Beavers: Monday & Wednesday
1st Norton Cubs: Tuesday
1st Norton Scouts: Monday

6th Norton Beavers: Monday
6th Norton Cubs: Thursday

15th Thornaby Beavers: Wednesday
15th Thornaby Cubs: Wednesday

Stockton South Explorers: Wednesday
Stockton Central Explorers: Thursday

Stockton Network: Ad-hoc